Company Statement

At SolarNetOne we recognize that there are problems with the way our civilization does many things. We decided that instead of complaining about it, we would do something about it. Our initial products were and still are aimed at bridging the digital divide in developing nations and remote areas of the world. Our later research and products have only served to further that goal, driving down power usage and heat waste in our networking systems, so they can run on solar power off-grid, both economically and sustainably.

An evolved civiliazation can take what it needs from nature without destroying her. This means ecological disasters created from an ever growing hunger for more power, like Fukushima, the BP Gulf spill, and countless undocumented others must become a thing of the past. The good news is that all the power we will ever need, the Sun, is 93,000,000 miles away, and will last another 6 billion years or so Better news is that SolarNetOne is designing systems that make the most of the investment into solar power and other renewable energy solutions by lowering the power foot print of everything from network and communications systems to lighting, cooling, and a wide array of other technologies, while improving every aspect of the original SolarNetOne "Internet in a box" concept.

There is further still to go, but we can get there. Our existing installed base of internal combustion engines needs to be retrofit to run on hydrogen extracted from water by advanced solar based electronic techniques. Many of our systems, like nuclear and coal burning power plants, need to be retrofit or shut down all together, with as little disruption to the way of life as possible. Our power system research has already (accidentally, even) led to advances in heliophysics, as well as providing real and tangible improvements to the way we deploy solar networks, with our flagship line of network systems.

Started in 2006 as a side project among networking and solar engineers, the SolarNetOne project grew upon technical excellence, until its eventual incorporation and absorbtion of its parent company, Gnuveau Networks, in 2010. SolarNetOne's efforts have ranged from the edge of the Sahara to the former Soviet Union to some of the most remote Pacific isles. Our pure research and development mandate has focused on power efficiency optimization of computer networks, advancement of solar power technologies, and the study and application of impulse wave technology.

SolarNetOne: Technology for a sustainable tomorrow.